Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest, universally trusted by ranchers, loggers and all manner of sportsmen, has proven itself to be as versatile, functional and practical. There’s a very good reason it’s been a cornerstone in the Filson product line for more than half a century–it performs admirably in countless situations out of doors, or in. This pillar of Filson product line provides warmth with minimal bulk, while maintaining excellent breathability–and does so even if it gets soaking wet. It’s the perfect blend of warmth and breathability in temperatures down to near freezing. The Mackinaw Wool Vest is built with our warmest wool from the iconic Pendleton Woolen Mills, the same wool used in our Cruithat’s provided protection from cold and wet conditions for over a century.

    • Built with our warm, breathable and durable Mackinaw Wool
    • Button-front closure
    • V-shaped neckline
    • Side handwarmer pockets
    • Open-stow and slotted-utility chest pockets
    • Provides breathable warmth, wet or dry



100% Wool

Everyday, Outdoor, Field, Work



Dry clean only

Made in USA


Woven to our unique specifications, our heavyweight 24-oz. Mackinaw Wool provides greater resilience, more natural insulating qualities, increased breathability and superior water repellency. It comes from a small herd of hardy sheep in the northwestern United States and Canada. Our wool will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy, allowing it to retain body warmth even when very wet. The fibers can even be bent and flexed 20,000 times without breaking. We’re certain that there is no finer wool than Filson’s 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool.