Pulled from the archives, our Cruising Shirt was awarded U.S. patent #1088891 in March of 1914. Initially offered in Mackinaw Wool, a Forestry Cloth version soon followed, providing Cruiser’s multi-pocket functionality in a versatile lighter weight. Forestry Cloth is worsted wool woven from tightly twisted yards for excellent wind resistance and durability in a midweight fabric.

The design closely replicates our original pullover Cruising Shirt, right down to the shape of the chest pockets and their flaps. We streamlined the design by omitting the lower pockets. The left chest pocket features our signature slotted utility pocket in a second layer.

We’ve recently found a top-grade supplier capable of milling this wool to our exact specifications, and are pleased to reintroduce this iconic piece of history.

    • Archival reissue style
    • Tightly woven worsted wool
    • Weather- and wind-resistant
    • Four-button front placket
    • Button-secure throat latch



13-oz. 100% wool Forestry Cloth


Dry clean only